“BG Films is a collection of short documentary films embodying the mission of Bunkyo Gakki, which is "All for Musicians Delight". We invited British photographer Daniel Lane to Japan as the director. We were able to collect valuable experiences in beautiful 4K images. The films show what’s behind the music, how skilled craftspeople and musicians come together to work symbiotically.” 





Violin maker Yuki Hori, has received high praise from the top domestic performers and overseas experts for his work. He discusses his journey and how Stradivarius has had a long lasting influence upon his work.

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MUSIC Credits:

Niccolò Paganini Caprice no.24 in a Minor played by Yoko Kubo

VSA Competition winner Kunitaka Ohse talks us through his career and why he continues to make bows in the historic village of Gokayama.

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MUSIC Credits:

Bach Cello suites no.1 Prelude

played by Yo Kigoshi, with a bow made by Kunitaka Ohse

We hear about Yoko Kubo’s relentless energy and insatiable appetite for a challenge - and how she inherited the essence of former Virtuosi.

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MUSIC Credits:

Haydn string quartet op.64 no 5 "The Lark" - the 4th movement performed by Archet Quartet

(1st Vn Yoko Kubo, 2nd Vn Takako Watanabe, Va Sakura Kawaguchi, Vc Gen Yokosaka)

Violin Sonata by Tomojiro Ikenouch performed by Yoko Kubo

Bach's "Chaconne" performed by Yoko Kubo

The Bow Workshop film was created to complement the three short films above.

We are introduced to the Archet workshop in scenic Odawara - located near Mount Fuji. We see how handcraft is applied in the manufacturing process, with great commitment to quality.

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MUSIC Credits:

Mozart Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat Major K.364 - 1st Movement.

Played by Yoko Kubo, with a bow made by ARCHET.